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Barking up the wrong tree

I live in a building called Arunodaya. In our building we have a letter box which is meant for society cheques as well as for communications / complaints etc with the managing committee. Outside my building are two other buildings, SriRam Apts and Raj Kiran. Both have similar letter boxes in their common area.

Would I go and drop my communications in the letter boxes of those societies? Of course not. ‘That would be idiotic’ some of you might interject.

Yet most runners do not seem to adhere to this basic principal when using social media to communicate with event organisers. It is one thing to share some info in the running group that you frequently inhabit, but some expect that event organisers must monitor and respond.

Can event organisers be expected to monitor each and every platform that is available on social media? It is a physically impossible task.

Runners, please communicate with event organisers in the official channel in which they prefer communications. It may be an email id or a FB group / page which they are known to regularly monitor.

Of course it is another thing if you just want to let off steam with your running buddies without expecting any response :-)

PS: At YouTooCanRun we are committed to a same week day response to most correspondence. On weekends and in unique cases we may take longer. Also as part of our service quality, if in one email exchange there is no resolution then we call up the runner to understand the situation better.

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