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Can An Indian Beat A Kenyan? – Panel Discussion At #TIRS2016

In SCMM 2016, the first place in 42K men’s elite category was won by Gideon Kipkete and 3rd place was Marius Kimutai, both Kenyans. In the women’s elite category the 2nd, 3rd & 4th places were all taken by Kenyans.

The closest Indian runner in the men’s elite category was in the 10th place with a timing difference of just less than 7 mins. Whereas in women’s elite category it was 7 mins for Sudha Singh from the 2nd spot.

This is a big difference when it comes to elite competitions, It was yet another amazing showing for Kenyan runners, and yet another reason to ask: how and can Indian beat a Kenyan?

Find out what’s the current situations, problems and solutions as our panel of Adille Sumariwalla, Savio D’souza & Daniel Vaz discussed the issue at The India Running Summit 2016 present by GOQii.

Watch the entire discussion:


About Adille Sumariwalla:

Adille Sumariwalla is an Indian athlete and entrepreneur, popular for representing India at the 1980 Moscow Olympics. Adille Sumariwalla competed as a 100m runner in several international competitions and at the Olympics. Currently he is the president of the athletics federation of India.

About Savio D’souza:

Savio was the National champion from 1984-1988, four years in a row. He has been the recipient of the Chhatrapati Shivaji award for the Most Outstanding Sports Person in athletics by the Maharashtra Government. Now he is a full time coach to athletes and sportspersons in other disciplines.

About Daniel Vaz:

Daniel Vaz is one of the premier running coaches in Mumbai, having trained hundreds of Mumbaikars to successfully complete the half and full marathon. Daniel is the coach for the Nike Run Club, and the Colgate-Palmolive Runners Club.

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