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Importance of Flexibility and Running – Dr. Vishwanath Prabhu at #TIRS2016

When runners take on a training program, they focus on building endurance and speed. Improving their flexibility never seems to make it into the game plan. Yet, a flexible body is more efficient, sees more gains in strength and endurance, enjoys more range of motion, is less injury-prone, recovers more quickly, and simply feels better.

Dr. Vishwanath Prabhu who is a Life Care Consultant trained and certified fitness expert was our speaker for the first session of the summit. The session was chair by Shammi Gupta founder of Shammi’s Yogalaya is a Celebrity Yoga Guru.

Dr. Vishwanath Prabhu discussed with the crowd the importance of stretching and what’s the science of flexibility. The session was made engaging by Dr. Prabhu as he kept the audience on their toes by demonstrating various important stretches for marathon runners. The entire session was recorded and can be viewed by those who missed the Summit.


Download the Presentation:  Topic 1 - Importance of Flexibility and Running by Dr. Vishwanath Prabhu 1.pdf (425 downloads)

About Dr. Vishwanath Prabhu:

Dr. Vishwanath is a part of the Health and Wellness industry from past 13 years to provide premium fitness n health education, application, management and various consulting services for fitness professionals and enthusiasts. He also trains and certifies the aspiring fitness trainers and is a faculty for Exercise Science Academy.

About Shammi Gupta:

Shammi Gupta, Founder / Director – Shammi’s Yogalaya is Celebrity Yoga Guru. She holds Master of Arts in Yoga Shastra, is a certified Yoga Therapist and Naturopath from Yoga Vidya Niketan. Has completed an advanced yoga course and holds a diploma in Yoga Education from Mumbai University. She also holds an MBA degree in Finance and Human Resources for The University of Akron, Ohio, USA.

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