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112th Half Marathon as a Pacer at Satara Hill Half Marathon 2016

HM # 112 3 hour Pacer #26

Last Sunday I ran the PNB Metlife Satara Hill Half Marathon – 2016 as the 3-hour pacer.

I went to Satara two days before to help put things together.

Team YouTooCanrun was involved in:

– Registration of runners
– Tracking and correcting data for Satara / Non-Satara runners
– Ensuring ID proof submissions and other details are all correct.
– Helping put together the Pacers team
– Holding a workshop earlier in the year to encourage local runners to register
– Managing the expo….we went two days earlier. Because there were no spot registrations and not a change of category etc was allowed, we had one of the smoothest events in terms of data integrity and results declaration.

On the morning of the run, I ran as the 3-hour pacer. My co-pacer in the bus was Vaibhav for whom it was his second HM and first time as a pacer.

Both of us did well. It was my plan to walk up all major slopes on the way up and reach the turnaround point at 100 minutes.

One has to make up for the lost time on the way back and do the distance in 80 minutes. For about 5 km I was hurtling down the slopes to make up for the time.

It was nirvana and for that period of time, in my mind, I was a Kenyan :-)

I got back in good Gun time of 2:59:35.

#FasterForever #Puma #Garmin

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