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Launch of ‘From Sofa to 5K – Marathi Edition’

Super Thrilled.
On 14th Sept. printed copies of the Marathi edition of my best selling book ‘From Sofa to 5 K’ arrived.
It arrived in time for me to launch it at The PNB Metlife Satara Hill Half Marathon on Saturday the 17th.
Written in an easy to grasp style and aimed at getting a non-runner to run his first 5K in 8 weeks, the book is already published in Tamil and Telugu language editions besides the original English.
The Marathi edition was made possible because of the initiative of Aanjaneya Dhawale who came forward and offered his services of his own volition. He is a fourth generation member of the house of Keshav Bhikaji Dhawale who are the countries oldest publishers of books in Marathi.
It had so happened that he had got my book in English and taken up running and benefited from restoring his good health. He felt that Marathi readers must also benefit and thus approached me.
I consented. Vivek Gharpure and Kranti Salvi proof read it and also suggested changes to make it running friendly.
The book is priced at Rs 100/- If you order it online, we absorb the courier charges too. But at the price of a cup of coffee in a fast food outlet, it can restore the lifelong benefit of good health.
Thanks to everyone for making this book possible.

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