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YouTooCanRun helps a International study of Marathon running and Cardiac Diseases

Proud to mention that YouTooCanRun associated with Sukhada Bhatte Paralkar and Zoya Anis of Department of Foods, Nutrition and Dietetics, University of Mumbai, India in a study about health of cardiac patients who are regularly running marathons.

The study was done using the trainees at the Zippers Club as the test sample. Cardiac patients who regularly train with Zippers Club and run Half marathons  were tested against sample populations of regular marathoners who are not cardiac patients and also cardiac patients who do not run marathons regularly.

The study found that members of Zippers Club scored better on all fitness parameters over the other two sample populations.

The study has been published under the title “Anthropometric Parameters and Physical Fitness in Marathon Participants with a History of Heart Disease-An Observational Study” and can be accessed online at

Special thanks to Suchita Varadkar of Frontrunners, Kaushik Panchal of Mumbai Runners Academy and Dr Ajay Kharat of TopGearMIG and Dr Kiran Sangani of Qi Cardiac Rehab in actively being part of the team.

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