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It’s Time To Be An Earth Friendly Runner


On WORLD EARTH day, April 22nd it helps to know how much of a green sports running is and what is the carbon footprint of an average runner.

Runners feel more connected with the Earth and Mother Nature since that is the nature of the sport. But unknowingly, the sport can actually be very carbon intensive.

While a Gel sachet generates 150 gms of Carbon Dioxide and a 200 ml water bottle is estimated at 850 gms, it is the much-coveted race tee shirt that hits a whopping 21 KILOS.

In order to offset the carbon footprint of a single running tee, a fully grown tree has to labour for a full year and produce enough oxygen to compensate.

So the next time you grab your event tee, pay some consideration on how this is going to be offset, if at all.

To know more, read this enlightening Runners World article

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