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The Sports Gurukul has partnered with YouTooCanRun to provide Race Management services and manage Schoolathon event logistics to create a combined unique sporting experience


The Sports Gurukul launches Schoolathon series of running events. Supports our Prime Minister’s vision of “Fit India Movement”

The Sports Gurukul is proud to launch the Schoolathon series of running events, across India, aimed at inculcating athletic and healthy lifestyle habits into the next generation through a unique fun-filled child and family running together experiences. The event is a school focused initiation where all stakeholders working in schools join together with these children to create one large voice resonating the fitness for all children and making the mantra possible – “Ab Har Bachha Bhagega”

In support of the vision of our Prime Minister for a Fit India Movement, the Schoolathon series aims to create iconic running experiences for school going children across all major cities in India. The current season will see Schoolathon events in three major cities of Ahmedabad, Hyderabad & Mumbai and the launch announcement is being done on the auspicious day of Dussehra.

The Scholathon series will have various small distance categories, aimed at children between the ages of 5 yrs and 15 yrs The idea behind Schoolathon is to encourage aspiring children to get motivated to participate through smaller runs while using this medium to inculcate the benefits of adopting an active lifestyle away from digital distractions. The take away at the end of every event is a pledge that children and families take together for committing to live a healthy, active and fit life on a daily basis.

The Sports Gurukul is India’s leading and award-winning, 1st of kind physical fitness and professional sports & fitness development and training organization dedicated to the purpose of making every child in India fit and active. The Sports Gurukul through its activities dedicated to schools creates awareness of sports and fitness as an important part of physical education in every child in India with over 1 Lakh children in over 150 plus schools across India.

The Sports Gurukul has partnered with YouTooCanRun to provide Race Management services and manage event logistics to create a combined unique sporting experience.

YouTooCanRun is a one-stop-shop for everything in running, that provides a complete range of products & services such as Race Management, RACES automated registration and back-office platform, Event Calendar, e-commerce shop, Runners Loyalty Program, Photo Tagging & Distribution, Brand Servicing, Trainers Tool and more. YouTooCanRun is considered to be India’s premier Race Management company that manages some of the largest events across India. Headed by RRCA Certified Race Director YouTooCanRun events are known for their signature quality and unparalleled race day experience for participants.

Speaking on the occasion Mr. Jay Shah, Founder of The Sports Gurukul stated “ Schoolathon is another step towards our commitment to promote fitness in young children and youth. It’s a pleasure to work with children and make them adopt healthy habits. Running as a sport, is very egalitarian. Children who take up the habit of running and become life- long runners will help them stay away from several lifestyle diseases that affect sedentary individuals as they grow up. We are happy to have partnered with YouTooCanRun as Race Management partners, for rolling out these iconic events on a pan India basis in the coming years.”

Mr P Venkatraman founder of YouTooCanRun added “The Sports Gurukul is one of India’s leading school sports development Grassroot companies working across the country. They work with some of the best schools across India. The Schoolathon series aligns with YouTooCanRun’s value of nurturing health amongst the community and nation. “Catch them young” will see significant adoption of healthy lifestyle habits amongst school-going children.”

For further information, contact:
The Sports Gurukul
Jay Shah
+91 9821886447

P Venkatraman
+91 99201 21097

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