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YouTooCanRun Pace Calculator for Tata Mumbai Marathon 2020

YouTooCanRun brings you the Pace Calculator specially configured for the Tata Mumbai Marathon.

This pacing calculator is designed to help you find an optimum pace to run at and finish with your best timing for the Tata Mumbai Marathon.

Here is a peek at the algorithm engine:

1) Last Good Run: We ask for the timing of your latest training run before the event. We then predict your finish time based on international tables

2) Indian Fitness Condition: This calculator is based on the pace of an average Indian runner and not foreign athletes.

3) Mumbai Weather Condition: The weather conditions on the event day.

4) Micro Weather: We have factored in Micro weather predictions for the temperature at key locations along the route.

5) Route Conditions: Specific turns and areas on the route where the runners tend to slow down. For eg. Five sharp turns in the final km of the route.

This pacing calculator has been customised and tested extensively. We have back-tested the predictions with actual race timings for these runners and found an 85% plus level of accuracy.

Watch the entire video to know more in detail about how the pace calculator works and click on the link to find the optimum pace for running the event.

Between our pacing calculator and the pacers on the route you are in safe hands, we can assure you. :)

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