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Podcast: Lifestyle Architecture Lab – The one where our CEO was invited to speak about his lifestyle choices

Recently, our CEO and Founder Mr Venkatraman Pichumani was invited to a podcast titled – “Lifestyle Architecture Lab“, hosted by Himanshu Sachdeva. The podcast touched various topics such as Lifestyle Design, Financial Freedom most importantly the lifestyle of successful personalities which one can emulate.

Find out the thought process, strategies and tools that make Mr Venkatraman Pichumani tick!


Breakdown of the conversation:

1. Himanshu Sachdeva – The coaching done by you for the heart condition runners, how do you motivate them to run a Half Marathon?  How did they get to know about it? (4:22)

2. How was your journey from childhood to entrepreneur? (13:13)

3. Post your CA, what did you start with? (17:27)

4. When did you decide that this path is not for you? (19:47)

5. What is a Ham – Radio Operator? (20:28Know More

6. As you are a part of FreeMasons, could you describe what a FreeMasons is and what it stands for? (31:34)

7. How do you follow your vegan diet at your house, and what is your diet? (38:13)

8. As you have so many rich experiences in life, do you have any favourite failures which have become your stepping stone in your life? (44:36)

9. Sponsors Advertisement  (53:50)

10. Personal level, how do you go about the day? (55:02)

11. Do you have any meditation practice? (58:26)

12. The event that is planned by YouTooCanRun connects with humans. (59:58)

13. Do you use any specific apps for YouTooCanRun? (1:01:14)

14. Has anyone impacted your life as a mentor? (1:07:30)

15. Anything you bought under 5000 rupees and which gave you happiness or joy? (1:09:56)

16. Any book, documentary or movie that has impacted or changed your life? (1:12:02) Know More

17. What is your next goal individually and as YouTooCanRun? (1:14:50)

18. Advice from P. Venkatraman for people who are starting their new venture. (1:17:20)

19. Where can people reach you? (1:22:19) Know More

We hope you enjoyed this episode and that it inspires you to reach for success just the way our Founder and CEO did!

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