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S.W.E.A.T – Striders Powai study


Today 17 runners participated in the Sweat Study at Heritage Park, Powai from the Strider group.

Coach Nagesh was there and he was most helpful. The protocol had been already circulated and most the runners knew what was involved in it and were quite efficient about it.

It is good fun to meet various runners from different running groups all over Bombay.

I met one runner who is a barefoot runner and who ran the SCMM FM barefeet. Another addition for Anand Anantharaman’s tally.

Another runners was a VFF fan and had done the SCMM full and teh HK full pretty well.

An Amazing find was that I met, for the first time, a Half Marathoner who had cramped severely in the SCMM. To the best of my knowledge, I always thought it was the Full Marathoners who had got affected.

Our total Tally is now at 145 participants.



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