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On The India Running Summit 2014 – 6

As the running space expands there are going to be many non runners taking up running. While some may want to do it on their own, it is YouTooCanRun’s stand that a newbie runner should train with a competent training group.

Running for Good Health is too serious an mission to be undertaken as a voyage of self-discovery.

With this background in mind YouTooCanRun has commissioned a Research Article titled ‘Running and Fitness Coaching Education in India’. Extensively researched by a fitness professional and keen runner Parineeta Gupta, it has been peer reviewed by Radha Krishnaswamy a fitness industry doyen. Having taken over 3-4 months to put together it covers all the training options for someone who desires to take up expertise in this field. Also for runners it helps to know how to locate a good coach based on their certification credentials. The Running and Fitness Coaching Education in India page article is available on the web at

The hardcopy of the research article will be given FREE to all those who are trainers or who lead running groups at The India Running Summit
If you are a trainer, or a keen runner who leads a running group then you should consider registering for The India Running Summit .

Contact us for a special invite.

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