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Log Book – Why?

The Trainer’s Log Book is an essential tool that should be in the kit bag of every trainer. Developed by YouTooCanRun and endorsed by Dr Aashish Contractor, it captures the essence of best recommended international practices in term of exercise science.

Designed to meet the needs for documenting training progress of the trainee for a full year, it encompasses the entire gamut of monitoring the progress to good health.

In this webinar we tell you the key reasons behind publishing this book and what is all this book about:

  • The first and the most important part of the book is ‘Informed Consent’. This is to ensure that the client  understands the risks and benefits involved in testing and training and will help to safeguard the trainer from liabilities.
  • Risk Assessment is the 2nd most important part of the book where the trainees are asked a list of questions and on that basis the trainers decided in which category of risks the trainee falls.
  • A trainee is evaluated on different parameters to avoid injuries which are occurred because of training.
  • After starting the training it is important to set training goals for better mutual understanding of the trainer and trainee regarding the goals.
  • The log book helps record and understand the training effectiveness of the trainee.
  • Last but not the least the log book is a good way to record your training progress throughout the year.


P. Venkatraman, a seasoned, veteran runner who has run more than 80 Half Marathons so far and hailed as an inspirational and renowned icon in the field of running is the author of this book.

The book is approved by Dr. Aashish Contractor, who currently heads the Sports Medicine Unit at the Sir HN Reliance Foundation Hospital in Mumbai. He is certified as ACSM Clinical Exercise Specialist. He has been the past Medical Director of Standard Chartered Mumbai Marathon since its inception.

You can buy this book from here:

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