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Trainers Log Book – Initial Screening

From a trainer’s perspective it is very important to record the previous running data of your trainee, because it not only helps you to assess and plan training sessions of the trainee but also to understand the trainers better and have a fruitful relationship between the trainer and the trainee.

About The Webinar:

In this webinar of ‘Trainers Log Book’ P. Venkatraman talks about one of the most important part of training, “Initial Screening” of the trainee and what steps should be taken while recording the running history of the runner.

Initial Screening: Initial Screening consists of recording the important information of the trainee which can help you understand the trainee better and make a proper planning of the training sessions of the trainee.

The Initial Screening has the following information that must be recorded:

  1. General Information
  2. Running History
  3. Medical History
  4. Nutrition History
  5. Other Important Factors
  6. Fitness Goals


Running History: The running history has 4 significant questions. These questions, give you an idea of what kind of a lifestyle the trainee has been living, whether he has been an athlete previously or has been a sedentary person. These factors matter because they decide the degree of training which the trainee will be exposed to.

This was just the summary of the webinar, for more detailed information do watch the webinar.

About The Book:

The Trainer’s Log Book is an essential tool that should be in the kit bag of every trainer. Developed by YouTooCanRun and endorsed by Dr Aashish Contractor, it captures the essence of best recommended international practices in term of exercise science.

Designed to meet the needs for documenting training progress of the trainee for a full year, it encompasses the entire gamut of monitoring the progress to good health.

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