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Nothing is more satisfying for a trainer than seeing one’s trainees benefit from their guidance.
I got that immense satisfaction today morning when Mr Purey ( in the blue tee shirt leading the trek ) presented himself for his fitness assessment.
The first test was done 22.4.15 and the second one was done today i.e 23.9.15. During this period the following changes were made.

  1. Eliminated all processed foods.
  2. Eliminated most sugars
  3. Milk and diary to the minimum
  4. 3 times a week supervised exercises and 3 times stretching exercises on his own
  5. 2 times logging daily meals for one week each
  6. Drinking adequate water
  7. Climbing 10 floors at least 1-2 times a week.
  8. Exercises were a mix of cardio, body weight strength, agility, balancing and increasing range of motion.


He was medically tested on both occasions across several parameters including a Mineral Bone Density test two weeks back. Here are the changes that were noted.

  • His weight moved from 67.6 kgs to 64.7 kgs a drop of almost 3 kgs. No strict diet regime.
  • His BF% moved from 23.8% to 21.3%
  • His waist dropped by an inch from 37 to 36, but he reports that his pants are several inches down.
  • B12 moved from 228 to 500
  • D3 moved from 33 to 61
  • HB1AC went down from 6.1 to 5.9
  • Triglycerides from 98.2 to 70.1
  • He threw away the knee braces that was his constant companion for over 2-3 years.
  • His shin splits on the left leg have disappeared.
  • He could do 5 push ups in good form and another 5 with some compensation. Earlier he could not complete even 2. His spine was held neutral all through.
  • He did 70 squats till failure as against the 60 earlier.


I will stop here listing other improvements but will say that he can now run about 14 kms non stop in LSD mode. The details are all captured in the Trainers Log Book which is our publication whose images I have shared. His age? A young 68.

We sell this Trainers Log Book for the running community and to support our initiatives. To by the book, Click Here.

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