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From Sofa to 5K – Choosing Logsitics

Running has it own share of problems. From finding time to run, to running injuries. But believe it or not it’s all worth it. The “Runner’s High” what runners regularly talk about is a feeling which cannot be explained but only be experienced.

Now that you have decided to take up running and have got the time to run, the next hurdle that you need to cross is choosing logistics. Logistics for taking up running could be several issues that need to be dealt with. Such as:

  • The location where you want to run.
  • Buying the materials for gaining the knowledge about running.
  • Buying your running gear.
  • Deciding whom to run with.

All these issues come under the purview of logistics. These issues might not be as tough as some of the problems, but these need to be tackled so you can concentrate and begin your running.

In this webinar we discuss:

  • What comes under logistics for running.
  • What are the different issues when dealing with logistics.
  • How to get the logistics issues solved.


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