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TIRS 2016 Topic 1 – Busting the protein myth

Eminent nutritionist Dr. Gayatri Thakoor and Kajal Bhatia present the raging debate of animal vs plant based proteins.

About Gayatri Thakoor:

As she says ‘ I am a doctor by profession and nutritionist by passion’ Having experience of 18 yrs as a GP, she embraced her passion of performance nutrition. Giving diets to marathoners, team games and bodybuilders is her mastery. Being a sports nutritionist consultant at HEAL institute for 2 years has given her upper hand as she has seen lot of clients.

About Kajal Bhatia:

Kajal Bhatia, a regular half marathoner, is a University Certified Nutritionist and a Diabetes educator.Her focus lies in educating people about the power of a whole foods plant based lifestyle with an eye towards restoring good health. Her easily sustainable and enzyme rich alkaline meal plans and recipes support the transition to a preventive lifestyle. Kajal is also currently on the board of the juicing company ‘RAW Pressery’ as their nutritional and product consultant.

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