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The India Running Newsletter Issue – 2

 We have great pleasure in writing the second issue of The India Running Newsletter.

Upcoming Events

June 14th – The Inaugural edition of the Kashmir Half Marathon by Rahul Varghese of Running and Living adds yet another event to his long roster.

June 21st – The Shimla Ultra organised by keen runner Sanjay Mangla has 80K, 50K and 30K disctances while offering discounted pricing to local residents of Himachal Pradesh

June 22nd – The Dream Runners Half Marathon at Chennai, practically heralds the start of the running ‘season’ in India and is growing in size every year. Registrations are already closed.

June 29th – The 2nd Aarey Mumbai should see it growing even bigger this year. One of the few races organised in natural jungle inside the urban jungle that is Mumbai.

July 6th – Puma Urban Stampede, Chandigarh. After successfully completing the Pune event, RFL is geared to do it’s inaugural edition at this northern city.

July 11th – The Mother India Marathon at Bulandshaher, Uttar Pradesh has 42K, 10K, 5K and a very interesting ‘Run for Dolphin’ 2K distances, but strangely the ever popular 21K distance is missing.

July 19th – ZENdurance Ladakh Marathon – The third year in a row, this event has now some regular runners and is becoming a must do event for serious runners across the country.

Aug 3rd – Puma Urban Stampede @ Bangalore – The original edition and the third of the eight city circuit this year, promises to be bigger than ever.

Aug 10th – Durshet Forest Half Marathon – Inaugural edition by the Endathon team who both consists of well known runners. Promises to be a nice destination event.

Aug 24th – Hyderabad Marathon – In it’s 4th year, organised by runners for runners, this is dubbed as the toughest race in India and is growing larger every year.

Aug 31st – Guwahati Half Marathon 2014 – A regular event organised by the IIT team.

Evaluating Events and Event Organizers

With the event large and small springing up in all parts of the country, runners are being flooded with a clutter of choices. Naturally all types of events and organisers are coming ahead to create events. Some of them are well organised and enjoy repeat registration from runners year after year. Some are not well organised and leave the runners feeling disenchanted. Of late, on social media, there has been murmur of trying to bring about some quality evaluation in respect with the various running events across the country.

The issue of customer satisfaction can itself be quite vexatious and YouTooCanRun decided that we should approach to the matter by taking a balanced point of view both from the event organizers and runners perspective. Our blog post tries to share this perspective. We would request you to kindly write back to us with your feedback, so that we take the initiative to create runners post event survey in his logical path.

Training Program for Running Coaches

With running growing across the country all various types of coaches and coaching organisations and coming up to meet their demand. However the coaching industry both Indian and Foreign accredited has been focused on strength training and fitness with very little focus on running itself.

Exercise Science Academy, the only accredited education partners for American College of Sports Medicine India have launched a specific training program to train coaches for the running community. This commendable initiative can be explored at

Reebok launches Training Programs

Shoe manufacturers get in the act. Runners know that Nike Run Clubs in Bangalore and Mumbai have been going strong for a number of years and attract a very loyal following. There does not seem much initiative to expand this beyond this two metros. Puma on the other hand has launched the Puma Urban Stampede in eight cities this year adding four more to the previous four. Reebok, not to be left behind, has taken initiative to launch the Reebok running squad in various metros. Bangalore, Mumbai and Chennai being the first 3 cities that have seen the launch with multiple locations in each city. The other shoe manufacturers are yet to form up their “go to market’ strategy in respect of engaging themselves with the running community.

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