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Learning to do Push-ups Series – Part 2

I did 10 pushups and posted a video and realised from the feedback that many of my friends want to be able to do pushups but are not able to. I did the push-ups as part of the #PushForChange challenge? For every video of people doing 10 pushups, Garnier Men India will donate ₹50 to #MagicBus, which will be used to take underprivileged children out of poverty. #justtenpushups is that too much to ask for? Don’t forget to tag GarnierMenIndia.

I then thought that I will post a series of videos on how to slowly train yourself to build the strength to be able to do 10 push-ups in perfect form.

The first requirement is to be able to develop a neutral spine. This video explains what that is.

A neutral spine is a way you were always meant to be. Stand straight and tall with your ankles, knees, hips, shoulders and ears in one straight line.

We find this difficult due to our sedentary and chair based occupations.

Stand against a wall and see that there are 5 points of contact with the wall.

Ankles, ( calves if you are a regular runner with well-developed ones ), glutes ( your buttocks ), two shoulder blades and the back of your head.

In this position see that there is no pelvic tilt. Which means that your butt is not sticking out. If it is neutral then your stomach should be sucked in, in a natural way. Not by holding your breath. Your butt cheeks should be pinched.

Now hold this position and try to develop muscle memory on how it feels. Walk forward from this position around the house. Feels strange? It will.

This video explains it better.

Thank you Shiv Shankar Kosgi and Rajesh Vetcha for sending me the HyderbadRunners tee shirt, even though I could not come and participate in your awesome event, of which I have read very good runners reports.

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