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Learning to do Pushups Series – 3

I did 10 pushups and posted a video and realised from the feedback that many of my friends want to be able to do pushups but are not able to. I did the push-ups as part of the #PushForChange challenge? For every video of people doing 10 pushups, Garnier Men India will donate ₹50 to #MagicBus, which will be used to take underprivileged children out of poverty. #justtenpushups is that too much to ask for? Don’t forget to tag GarnierMenIndia

In the third video of the series, we learn how to do wall pushups.Stand

  1. Stand facing the wall
  2. Put your hands palm facing against the wall
  3. Step about 6 inches back on both feet. Feel the weight transfer to your hands.
  4. Maintain a neutral spine
  5. Try not to lift your heels from the floor. Get your Achilles Tendon a good stretch.
  6. Get your elbows alongside your body.
  7. Do ten of them..quite easy isn’t it :-)

ProTip Even if you can do it on the floor, use this method to correct your form and develop a full range of motion.

Thanks, Aanjaneya Dhawale and Girgoan Runners for the personalised tee shirt gifted to me when I launched their club over a nice dinner at Thackers, Birla Kreeda Kendra.

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