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World Heart Day Special

Surendra Dasadia is now training to run his 4th Half Marathon after his cardiac bypass surgery.

Today we had the opportunity to test him after his earlier test of 4 months back. He came out tops showing that dedication and intent can lead you back to good health.

Some progress indicators:

  • His weight has moved 63.2 kgs to 58.9 kgs. A drop of 3.3 kgs.
  • His BF %age was 27% earlier and now has moved down to 24.6%. Moving from Obese to normal category.
  • His lipids are normal and I have asked him to stop statins after talking to his cardiologist.
  • His MBD score revealed that his left forearm was low and I have asked him to see his Ortho and decide medication.


He is now running almost 14 kms with minimal walk breaks in good form.

His age.. A young 70.

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