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How you can make the most out of the ‘WFH’ situation

Many runners are possibly “working’ from home” and therefore have time on their hands to potter around.

Here are some suggestions on what to do before you get into the next con-call with your team on a patchy voice with blurry images!

  1. Download your certificates:

Gone are the days when your participation certificates used to be sent on fancy printed paper. It is all digital now. Most of the time we do not download them unless we need them for some qualifications. But what happens is that the certificates are now in the hands of timing partners of that event. And there is no consistent archival and retention policies agreed to between the Event Organiser and the timing partner. Many timing partners pull them down since hosting costs tend to mount up.

So download them and keep saving them to a folder on your local drive. But you may not know who the timing partner was, so here are a few timing partner links:

  1. Medal Mania

If you have been running for some time, your medal tally quickly adds up. Mostly, they are lying somewhere here or there in the house. Now is the time to take inventory, get that medal hanger and nail it to the wall.

Many medals are of very poor quality and give you no joy. Some are good and some have an emotional connect. Do a Mary Kondo on them.

  1. The tyranny of the tee-shirt

Did you know that Each running tee is 21 kgs of carbon footprint and requires a fully grown tree 10 years or more to offset the carbon footprint?

With this solemn thought in mind, empty your tee shirt shelf. Again. retain the ones that you desire and give you joy. Give away to charity what you do not need. Please declutter. I like to give it to my house help, driver etc. The only issue is that sometimes they come wearing ‘my’ clothes and I have a ‘wtf’ moment.

If that is not possible, consider giving it to or some other NGO of your choice.

This article might help:

If you have some tips on how to make your time more worthwhile, do share them with us!

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