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YouTooCanRun-Shares: S1EP2: Mind In The Lockdown

EP 2: Mind In The Lock Down

Date: 4th April 2020

Time: 4:00 pm (IST)


Varadayini Chitale – Sports Psychologist

Keerthana Swaminathan – Sports Psychologist

Anjali Sarogi – National Ultra Running record holder

Kranti Salvi – Guinness World Record holder

1. Introduction of the Panelists (00:18)
2. Introduction to YouTooCanRun (01:00)

3. Moderator – P. Venkatraman: How to deal with the lockdown situation mentally and how does one know they are having a mental breakdown? (01:47)


Varadayini Chitale Change of Daily Routine (03:07)

Keerthana Swaminathan – Mood of Athletes (05:10)
Anjali Saraogi – Positive side of the Lockdown (7:35)

Kranti Salvi – It’s a great time for athletes to work on themselves (10:33)

4. Moderator – P. Venkatraman Question – Academically what is the coping system for the runners who are undergoing mental anxiety due to the lockdown? (12:14)


Keerthana Swaminathan – Look on the positive side – Take a break from the training plans, do something new, bond more with your family. (13:10)

Varadayini Chitale – Set goals in your life, seek knowledge about your inner talents or passion. (16:00)

5. Moderator – P. Venkatraman Question – How does it concern the athletes who are not part of the Training Camp where almost all the facilities are provided to them even during this Lockdown period? And how should we deal with it? (19:50)

Panelists Suggestions – 

Kranti Salvi – Setting up a routine and finding out ways in your daily life chores (21:05)
Anjali Saraogi – Train smart after the lockdown is over. Right now, build yourself. (22:47)

6. Moderator – P. Venkatraman Question – Would you recommend active recovery as a coping mechanism during this period so that you can bring out the best from this situation? (26:05)

Panelists Suggestions

Anjali Saraogi Agreeing with the moderator explains her current situation as well 

Kranti Salvi –  Taking one part of your body and strengthening the mobility every day
Keerthana Swaminathan –   Working on your small injuries, your weakness

7. Moderator – P. Venkatraman Question –  How nutrition plays a role as a coping mechanism. What are your recommendations for the Dos and Don’ts? (31:01)

Panelists Suggestions
Kranti Salvi – Have a good and limited diet and also can try detoxing yourself (31:45)

Varadayini Chitale Athletes can get into binge eating due to slacking back. Do not store packed food (32:50)
Anjali Saraog – Diet in Sync with the lifestyle (34:30)

Keerthana Swaminathan – Being mindful of what you are consuming (37:00)

8. Take away from the panelist (40:33)

Kranti Salvi Will be doing short distance running, to begin with, and then increase mileage
Anjali Saraogi Going to start training for the 100K World Championship

9. Few words from the Panelist (42:30)

Keerthana Swaminathan  Be aware and mindful
Varadayini Chitale – Focus on today
Kranti Salvi – Focus on today and now 

Anjali SaraogiHold on to your spirit

Recommendation from the Moderator – P. Venkatraman Wear formal clothes when you work from home so that you know if you gaining weight or not. (45:10)

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