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From Sofa to 5K – Social Reasons

People are social animals who enjoy and need human interaction. Running builds self-confidence, which spreads to other aspects of your life.

Some people think of running as a solitary sport because of the concentration and heavy cardiovascular workout involved. It’s not a sport that allows for much talking and depending on the fitness level of others you exercise with, you may end up farther ahead or behind your friends. Running organizations realize the need for runners to have social clubs where they can meet up with other runners and network with people who enjoy and understand the different aspects of running.

Running alone might not be as much fun as running with a bunch of friends or a running club/group. Running with someone is not only fun but it is also beneficial. The motivation to run longer and harder relies solely on your own thoughts and willpower when running alone, but add a few friends and their support can really help motivate you to reach your running goals.
Running with others is also a great way to learn new techniques, have more experienced runners critique your current technique so you can improve, and it will keep you up-to-date on all the running events in the area. While running independently is effective and allows you to enjoy some alone time, mixing up your running routine by going with friends gives you all the benefits that running offers.

The next time you want to run, search for the running clubs in your locality and hit the pavement with them.

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