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From Sofa to 5K – Running & High Energy Levels

We live in a world where people who have a sedentary lifestyle are always looking for the next sports drink, energy bar, or cup of coffee that will give them the extra edge to get through the day. On the other hand people who are regular runners can do their regular chores throughout the day without getting tired.
Why do runners complete their daily routine with such ease?

This webinar by P. Venkatraman is about ‘How running helps in increasing energy levels’.

The points covered:

  • Running helps you generate huge amount of energy which can be translated into benefits.
  • How are physiological adaptations affected because of running?
  • The influence of running on biochemical adaptations.
  • Does running speed up your metabolism?
  • Running improves VO2 Max.
  • Increase in distribution of capillaries because of running.
  • How Running increases Mitochondrial Density for more efficient fat burning?
  • How running can boost your Immune System?


Still need a reason to start running? Get up and buy your copy of ‘From Sofa to 5K’:


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