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Which Shoe? by Dr. Rajani Patil at #TIRS2016

Too often runners ask the vexing question, ‘Which Shoe?’. And shop assistants are never helpful and lack adequate knowledge. There is no one repository of data of the type of shoe of each of the leading brands in India.

At The India Running Summit 2016 presented by GOQii, Dr. Rajani Patil an eminent sports physio deconstructed the research paper authored by Parineeta Gupta about the art and science of choosing the right shoe. To find out what’s the ideal shoe one should buy, watch the entire video and clear your doubts.


Download the presentation here: Topic 5 Which-Shoe - Dr. Rajani Patil.pdf (413 downloads)

About Dr. Rajani Gupta:

Dr. Rajani Patil is a Spine and Sports Physiotherapy Specialist with 15 years of extensive hands-on experience at injury prevention and injury management and performance enhancement.
She is a sports physiotherapy consultant for the Bombay Presidency Golf Club; Adidas sponsored marathon events as a gait-analysis expert and on specialist panel with fitness groups, etc

About Dr. Sudarshan Singh:

Dr. Sudarshan Singh founder of JointsnMotion, specializes in Musculoskeletal and Sports Injuries. With 10 years of experience and his passion for wellness has led to application of proactive Physiotherapy into wellness, Marathon and Corporate Training regime.

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