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YouTooCanRun-Shares: S1EP4: Indoor Running – Aye or Nay

What do the Physio’s and Trainers have to say? What are the views of runners who have run long distances in this lockdown period?

Find out in this webinar discussion!

Webinar Begins (0:02)

Panellist Introduction (2:50)
Dr Abhishek Bangera (Instagram: physiobangera) (2:50)
Dr Radha Krishnaswamy (Instagram: radha_k6) (4:05)
Mihika Wahi (Instagram: feelalive_runner) (5:34)
Shiv Iyer (accidentalrunn3r) (8:21)

What alters when you do indoor running to outdoor running? Biomechanic (10:31)
Abhishek – Begin with lesser distance and listen to your body (10:58)
Radha – Gait optimization (12:52)
Injury Slide (19:38)
Abhishek – keep changing the directions (21:27)

What are the things you have done maybe through intuition or reading? (24:36)
Mihika speaks on the comfortable environment, zero elevation, no fatigue and how people are still exploring indoor running (25:46)

Comparison with Submarines (32:05)

Shiv – Forming an 8 so that the directions are changed. Ran barefoot.
Running on a particular spot, soup water method. 52 km on his birthday. Work on your strength. (33:27)

Precautions before runner hits the road (39:11)
Abhishek – listening to your coach and your body (40:01)

Radha – Start smartly and take advice from the trainer, build your endurance (44:03)
Resuming running after the lockdown (46:54)

Abhishek – Do not run for PB and FB. Be as injury-free as you can (47:07)

Vani asks – Length of the loop (46:58)
Mihika answers – (47:09)

Anil Panchal asks – How about foot landing (50:01)
Shiv answers – (50:10)

Rati Goyal asks about Running from office to home (51:15)
Shiv answers – (51:32)

Question – How did you measure the distance (52:15)
Shiv answers – (52:25)

Kavin asks – Any specific changes to avoid injuries (54:39)
Shiv answers – Understand your body and cautious (54:57)
Mihika adds – Run in your space at your own pace. Enjoy your run (56:15)

Vivek – If you think something is happening stop (1:03:48)

Tarun – Logically why should we run? (1:04:47)
P. Venkatraman answers (1:06:42)

Mihika speaks about Indoor Run organized by her(1:08:52)

Takeaway (1:10:59)

About Racemart (1:11:53)

Concluding remark (1:12:49)

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