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YouTooCanRun-Shares: S1EP14: Do Masks lead to Hypoxia?

Do Masks lead to Hypoxia?

Often runners feel that wearing a mask and running will led to suffocation due to the exhaled Carbon Dioxide not clearing fast enough from the internal areas of the mask. This, it is feared, will lead to the Carbon Dioxide being re-inhaled and thus will result in oxygen depletion ( hypoxia )

Find out in this webinar discussion!

P. Venkatraman introduces YouTooCanRun –

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Here is the PPT for you –

P. Venkatraman introduces the Webinar – Do Masks lead to Hypoxia? (01:20)

P. Venkatraman introduces the Panelists (04:00)

Shahul Hameed –
Thomas Bobby Philip –

Watch the Webinar where Thomas Bobby Philip and Rajat Malhotra share light on Barefoot Running –

You can access the PPT here for your use –

P. Venkatraman shares his Presentation – Do Masks lead to Hypoxia? (06:40)

Why this Study? (08:07)
-Masks save lives
-Runners like to run
-No one likes to die in pursuit of happiness
-Fear factor based on wrong premise
-Get more folks out and running

Some facts First (10:03)
-Air is 20% Oxygen and expelled air is still 15%
-Underwater swimming, hill repeats, timed intervals are all voluntary where we go into oxygen deficit
-Hypobaric or altitude chambers are regularly used for training.
-Doctors, nurses wear masks all day long.
-Masks for training have been around for more than 2 decades
-Raises BMR for accelerated weight loss
-Train high, race low
-Breathing is a primal survival mechanism
-Master governor signal of fatigue

The protocol (15:15)
-Four Types of Mask
-Baseline first
-Seated – 5 minute segments
-Cycling – 5 Kms segments
-Running – 2 Kms Segments

The Four Masks (1:30)
-N95 –
-Surgical Mask –
-YouTooCanRun – Double Layer
-YouTooCanRun – Buff – Single Layer

P. Venkatraman shares his activity readings – Reading while seated (Pulse rate reading wearing various masks are displayed) (18:20)

P. Venkatraman shares his activity readings – Cycling – 5 Kms segment (Pulse rate reading wearing various masks are displayed) (19:35)

P. Venkatraman shares his activity readings – Running – 2 Kms segment (Pulse rate reading wearing various masks are displayed) (21:10)

P. Venkatraman shares his activity chart of his strava link (22:35)

Findings (23:10)
-There is no significant variation in either cycling or running
-At all times the SpO2 was within normal range even when running in Zone 4
-Wearing a mask is desirable
-The surgical mask or the single layer buff worked best
-Psychological factors

P. Venkatraman shares the recommendation by CDC (Centre for Disease control) to wearing a mask (24:00)

P. Venkatraman shares the statement by Cleveland Clinic (24:55)

P. Venkatraman shares the statement by Mayo Clinic (25:41)

P. Venkatraman shares the statement by RRCA / WA (26:23)

Conclusions (27:28)
-Wearing a mask for normal zone 2 – 3 runs will not lead to hypoxia
-If there is less crowding and if you are running at higher intensity then mask may be lowered
-Maintain social distancing at all times
-Evaluate the risk / rewards ratio

Risk / Rewards Ratio (27:54)
-Wear Mask and Run
-Reward = Lesser contagion risk
-Reward = Higher Immunity
-Risk = Hypoxia
-Always maintain social distancing

Panelists share their view on the topic and wearing a mask while running (29:00)

Question by P. Venkatraman to the panelists – Is Zone 4 training required in the next 2 to 3 months? (43:45)
Panelist Answer

124th Boston Marathon to be Held Virtually –
2020 London Marathon goes virtual –
Question by P. Venkatraman to the panelist – On the Useability of Masks? (50:35)
Panelist Answer
P. Venkatraman shows upcoming mask being made (55:15)
Question to Shahul Hameed on the risk of lowering the mask while running? (57:06)
Shahul Hameed Answers
Gerald Martin Joseph shares a link –
Question by Umesh Mishra – I think after Covid is over, a mask is going to be an important accessory in running?. (1:00:40)
Panelist Answer
Question by Sushil Kumar Bhasin – It is said that Virus can be in the air for some time. Is it advisable to lower the mask in public? (1:02:35)
Panelist Answer
Question by Karthik Subramanian – Will races – If they happen early next year – mandate the usage of masks during the race? Before and After yes, but during the run? (1:04:30)
P. Venkatraman Answers
Panelist Answer
Question by Amit Yadav – I recollect how many Ultra Marathoners, Running La Ultra have run at night with their face and neck covered for protection?(1:08:40)
P. Venkatraman Answers
Question by Rajnish Rathore – Sir! I often have seen runners are on the road with known groups and running close to each other with masks down? (1:10:00)
P. Venkatraman Answers
Concluding comments from the panelist (1:15:00)
Shahul Hameed
P. Venkatraman shares his concluding comments

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