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Trainers Log Book – Informed Consent

In this webinar of ‘Trainers Log Book’ P. Venkatraman talks about one of the most important part of training, “Informed Consent”. Below mentioned are the different components of an ‘Informed consent’: You are told (or get information in some way) about the possible risks and...
Posted On 26 Mar 2015

From Sofa to 5K – Brain Functioning

Running is considered a vigorous-intensity aerobic activity that can help you meet not only your physical activity requirements, but also help your brain function better. A couple of runs in a week helps to stimulate your brain, which leads to a big positive impact on your brain...
Posted On 24 Mar 2015

Dose of Jogging and Long-term Mortality

How much running do you need to do, in order to gain the maximum benefit by way of lowest mortality risk? In the Copenhagen City Heart Study, just published, 1,098 healthy joggers and 3,950 healthy non-joggers have been prospectively followed up since 2001 regression back...
Posted On 21 Mar 2015

From Sofa to 5K – Running & High Energy Levels

We live in a world where people who have a sedentary lifestyle are always looking for the next sports drink, energy bar, or cup of coffee that will give them the extra edge to get through the day. On the other hand people who are regular runners can do their regular chores...
Posted On 17 Mar 2015

DRHM 2015 – Chennai

Posted On 13 Mar 2015

Log Book – Notes to Trainers

The Trainers Log Book is designed to maintain all the important details of the trainee in a concise and a compact format. The Log Book helps recording the training progress, the eating habits and the assessment details of the trainee. About the webinar: This webinar covers in...
Posted On 12 Mar 2015

Log Book – Why?

The Trainer’s Log Book is an essential tool that should be in the kit bag of every trainer. Developed by YouTooCanRun and endorsed by Dr Aashish Contractor, it captures the essence of best recommended international practices in term of exercise science. Designed to meet the...
Posted On 10 Mar 2015

From Sofa to 5K – Overall Health

People start running for a variety of reasons. Some run because they want to lose weight, improve their health, compete in races or try something new. Whatever your reason is for running, you’ll experience many physical, mental and emotional benefits from the sport. Today...
Posted On 05 Mar 2015

A Month Of Major Events

YouTooCanRun has had 3 successive weekends with 3 major events in the Mumbai region. On Feb 15th we had the HTHM at Thane. The event crossed 9500 registrations thus making it one of the largest events baring SCMM. We were involved in Handling registrations, Assisted in running...
Posted On 27 Feb 2015