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My Airtel Delhi HM Pacing Plan

    Dear Runners,   I thought I will share my pacing plan for Airtel Delhi Half Marathon, 2012 in the form of FAQs How will a Runner who wants to run with me spot me? I will be wearing a yellow ‘Dare to Run’ Tee shirt and having a pennant with the...
Posted On 27 Sep 2012

The rubber meets the Road – OR How to choose your optimum pace

    From all the feedback of my last post of the Hare and the Tortoise, one thing clearly emerged. Everyone wants to run like a hare with the pacing plan of a tortoise :-). Sorry guys you were born on a wrong continent. But everyone agrees that one should pace properly...
Posted On 25 Sep 2012

The Hare, The Tortoise and Pacing

Now that we know, from the earlier post, what Pace is..let us try to understand why this is so important on Race day. Runners believe that in the parable of the Hare and the Tortoise the Tortoise won the race because it had a better pacing plan in place. Most new runners,...
Posted On 19 Sep 2012

Pace v/s Speed

    This is something that used to confuse me a lot when I was a new initiate into the world of running. It helps to clarify these two terms and also why we talk in terms of Pace rather than Speed when we run. Most newcomers to running come from a background where their...
Posted On 18 Sep 2012

All about Pacing

Hello,   I am the Pacer for the 3 hour bus at the forthcoming Airtel Delhi Half Marathon on 30th Sep, 2012   To know more about me you can visit the profile at http://www.procamrunning.in/adhm/content.php?code=VENKATRAMAN_PROFILE#MyAnchor   I also intend to do a...
Posted On 17 Sep 2012

Why the Marathon Training Workshop?

Many may wonder what is the purpose of the workshop and where does this fit into the larger scheme of things. Out of the 13-15K HMers and 3-5K FMers that turn up for the SCMM, hardly a fraction train under a good coach or as part of a running group. Each year, there is a large...
Posted On 04 Sep 2012

Marathon Training Workshop

YouTooCanRun supports Exercise Science Academy in conducting a first time Marathon Training Workshop on Sep 8th at Asian Heart Institute in BKC, Bandra E, Mumbai
Posted On 30 Aug 2012

An august August

In the month of August I ran THREE Half Marathons. I never thought that one day I could be achieving this feat. I am thrilled that it could be done without too much of effort at all. Awesome as some would say!!! Brilliant as others might concur!!!
Posted On 28 Aug 2012

Vaseline on your nipples – 11 and last

Vaseline on your nipples – 11 and last ( Posted on Feb 16, 2004 ) Dear friends, 1:03 Many thanks to all who sent emails, SMSs and also the phone calls. Your good wishes were very encouraging and Usha and Vivek also join me in thanking you all. The morning started at 5.30 am...
Posted On 24 Aug 2012

Vaseline on your nipples – 10

Vaseline on your nipples – 10 ( Posted on Feb 13, 2004 ) Hello, My race is two days away. Myself, Usha and Vivek have got our bibs collected. Our nos are 21120, 21276 and 18120 respectively. Watchout for us on ESPN. I have not been able to really put myself in top form. My...
Posted On 24 Aug 2012